Warranty Policy:

Warranty Duration for Lithium Battery Power Merchandise

Lithium-Ion Batteries (Hazmat/Dangerous Goods)

We also warranty all other complementary products (inverters, converters, chargers, etc.) we sell from the date of purchase.  (1 year from date of purchase, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer).

*Note: All ManiaX Power lithium battery products are fully tested before shipped. All ManiaX lithium-ion batteries include a 2 years Manufacturer Defect Warranty from the date battery was received.

*Warranty is a guarantee against manufacturer defects only. Warranty VOID if evidence of (customer error) Example: jump starting/short circuiting/negligence/improper usage/manufacturer seal broken, or battery altered in anyway NO exceptions. Testing/repair fees may apply.

*ManiaX Power reserves the right to deny any warranty claim. And the warranties are NON-transferable    


It is ManiaX Power’s policy that all RMA merchandise must be evaluated by the ManiaX Power warranty staff to determine if the issue is a result of customer error or manufacture defect before a replacement can be issued, testing/repair fees may apply.

It will be the customer’s responsibility to pay the RMA return shipping cost up front.

 *If it is determined the RMA issue is due to customer error the RMA return shipping cost will not be reimbursed, and ManiaX will return the tested/repaired battery to the customer at no cost.

*If it is determined the RMA issue is due to manufacture defect the customer will be reimbursed for the return shipping cost, and ManiaX will ship a replacement battery to customer at no cost.

Note: the size of ManiaX Power lithium-ion batteries is classified as (hazmat/dangerous goods), therefore government regulations, and freight carrier policies can make the shipping/transportation of these batteries very challenging.


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