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Polymer lithium-ion battery’s cathode material is carbon and the anode material is lithium cobalt dioxide. Its outside package is Aluminum laminated film. It is known to all that the polymer lithium ion batteries are the latest and secondary ones.

Polymer lithium-ion battery’s configuration

Polymer lithium-ion battery’s configuration

Recharging and discharging processes

Recharging and discharging processes

Can you do OEM/ODM services? And how long is the production time?

Yes, we can do both OEM/ODM based on your specific requirements. We also do our own global brand “ManiaX”. The lead time for samples production of these different products lines usually is around 2-4 weeks (10-30days).

How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample evaluation before mass production and final overall Inspection before every shipments.

What kind of battery products we can produce?

High-rate discharge RC lipo battery/LiFePO4 replacing lead-acid Battery/Portable outdoor energy storage power station/Portable Home Energy Storage/Power Wall/Motorcycle jump starter battery/Battery Cabinet Energy Storage System…etc.

Why should you better cooperate with us not with other suppliers?

We have professional R&D team and QC team and sales team together in our factory and company, all of our batteries are approved with CE, ROHS, FCC, MSDS and UN38.3…etc.

What services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF/EXW/FCA…etc. Express Delivery;

Accepted Payment Currency: USD/EURO/CNY…etc.

Accepted Payment Type: T/T; L/C/Credit Card/PayPal/Western Union.

What’s your battery products range?

*The battery range we can make is: voltage from 3.2V to 512V+; capacity from 0.3AH to 800AH+

What’s the inner resistance (IR) of the polymer lithium-ion battery?

It‘s the resistance when electricity pass through the battery cell. The big resistance can reduce the discharge voltage and short the discharge time. It is determined by the battery structure, produce process, material and so on.

What is the battery cell’s self-discharge rate?

It is also called the capacity keeping ability. It means that the ability of keeping the capacity under the certain condition during open circuit.

How should I deal with my battery pack before it is stored for a longer time?

A: It’s strongly suggested to make the product fully charged before you don’t use it over 3 months or longer time.

Why the ManiaX portable power station is also called solar generator?

A: ManiaX portable power station can store the energy absorbed from the solar panel, so it also called as a solar generator.


What's the difference between power station’s Pure-Sine wave and modified sine wave?

A: Modified sine wave inverters are very affordable, and it uses a more basic form of technology than pure sine wave inverters. It produces power which is perfectly adequate for powering simple consumption electronic devices. Pure-sine wave produces power which equals or better than the power in your home.

How to know if the ManiaX portable power stations can charge my devices and how long can it be used ?

Firstly, make sure the operating power of your device isn’t over the AC output power of ManiaX. If it is, it can be supported by ManiaX. Then, you can calculate the charging time by this formula: Working time = ManiaX portable power station * WH * 0.85 / operating power of your device. For example, assuming the power of your device is 50W, and you’d get ManiaX 500W to run your device. Then the working time is around 9 hrs roughly. But please noted that the actual working time has some difference based on actual using conditions.

If my USB device is 1A input, will the 2A output of this charger will damage it?

No, the charger has smart intelligent detecting function which can supply exactly correct current to meet the device’s demand. If your devices only accepts 1A, then the charger will delivery 1A.

What kind of battery products we can produce?

01. Check if the input voltage of your device is 5V or 18V.

02. If it’s a cloudy day or indirect from sunshine may block charging.

03. Please wipe the panel with a damp cloth before use to avoid scratching.

04. Stay away from fire, water and chemical liquid.

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