Motorcycle Powersport (LiFePO4)Battery

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LiFePO4 Motorcycle starter battery Products list
Product model  Battery size Capacity Voltage Start current
(-18℃) CCA
Start current
(25℃) PCA
Battey cell model Suitable for lead-acid models
MPB4L-LP 107×56×85mm 4AH 12V 65A 100A 604070SH30-1100mAh-4S1P YTX4L-BS,YTC4L-BS,YT4L-BS,
MPLB5L-LP 5AH 12V 100A 170A 974070FSH30-1700mAh-4S1P YB5L-BS,YTC5L-BS,YTX5L-BS,YTZ6
MPLB9L-LP 9AH 12V 180A 240A 1004794FSH30-3000mAh-4S1P YB9-B,YT7B-BS,12N9-4B
MPTZ5L-LP 113×69×85mm 5AH 12V 100A 170A 555880FSH30-1700mAh-4S1P YTZ5S,YTC5L,YTX5L
MPTZ7L-LP 7AH 12V 150A 220A 905880FSH30-2400mAh-4S1P YTX7L-BS,YTZ7S,TTZ7S
MPTZ9L-LP 9AH 12V 180A 240A 1004794FSH30-3000mAh-4S1P YB9LB,YB9A-A,YTX9A-BS
MPTX9L-LP 150×87×93mm 9AH 12V 180A 240A 5074135FSH30-3000mAh-4S1P YB9LB,YTZ10S,TTZ-10S-BS
MPTX12L-LP 12AH 12V 240A 320A 6074135FSH30-4000mAh-4S1P YTX12L-BS,YTZ10S-BS
MPTX14L-LP 14AH 12V 260A 350A 855880FSH30-4400mAh-4S2P YTX14L-BS,YTX15L-BS,YTZ14S
MPTX18L-LP 18AH 12V 300A 420A 5074135FSH30-6000mAh-4S2P YB16CLB,YT19BL-BS,YTX16-BS
MPTX24L-LP 24AH 12V 400A 560A 6074135FSH30-8000mAh-4S2P YTX20L-BS,Y50N18LA,YTX24HL,12N24-3
Typical Features:
01: Safety performance– Well sealing, no acid inside, no leakage/swell/crack
02: Stable quality– Low IR, fast charging, super high pulse discharge power
03: Less volume and weight– 1/3 light weight of normal lead-acid battery
04: Quick recharge with big current– rechargeable with 10C current and 90% recharged within 6 minutes
05: Excellent cycle life– more than 2000 cycles under JISD standard (lead-acid battery only 150-300 cycles)
06: No pollution– does not contain any acid and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, hydrargyrum (mercury)
07: Suitable for various engine starting applications– like motorcycles, scooters, karts, golfcarts & outboard combustion motors, UAV/UTV Aircraft
* Any other capacity and size you need not in this index, please contact ManiaX Power Tech at:
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